Seven actors of varying genders, races, sizes, and types, in bright clothing and lighting dance on a set built to look like a WMATA train car

My favorite theatre is touchable. Atmosphere over naturalism - this theatre delights not just in dialogue but in composition of mood and structure. This theatre knows it is theatre; it winks at you from behind the curtain. 

This theatre is queer and trans, not just through content and representation, but in its very form. Traditional, linear narrative structures feel inadequate for expressing queer and trans stories and as such I am not interested in the “Well-Made Play.” 

Some of my work is bite-sized, performed quickly in unexpected spaces; some is experiential and interactive. As a playwright and game creator, I’m particularly interested in the intersection of theatre and games - I enjoy making small-scale, personal, interactive experiences for participants, from groups of friends at home around the table to audience members discussing poetry with me over the phone. I think of theatre as a space for recreation and discovery - through play and imagination, we can discover new ways of being and being together.

My work is not universal, but I draw on true stories, fears, and feelings, often mixing in absurdity, magic, and camp. I know how we make art is as, and more, important than the art we make. At its best my work is kind, and helps my audience and collaborators feel connected, less alone, less singular - for a moment they might even feel like a little part of everything.