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Transplanted from Texas, I received my BA in Theatre at the University of North Texas in 2011 and began working with Sundown Collaborative Theatre as an actor, deviser, and designer. In 2014, Sundown produced my playwrighting debut, paper backs.

Soon after I loaded all of my belongings into a rental car and drove straight to Washington, DC, where I joined forces with theatre company Pinky Swear Productions. From 2015 - 2018 I worked with Pinky Swear as a graphic designer, writer, actor, and social media manager, making silly pics and memes on Pinky Swear's Twitter and Instagram. In April 2018, Pinky Swear produced my play Use All Available Doors to sold out houses in former-trolley-station-turned-gallery Dupont Underground. 

I'm currently a member of Playwrights' Center, the Freelancers Union, and artists' collective District Misfits. I've had plays produced in Chicago, DC, Dallas, and Massachusetts. In February 2018, I helped Thembi Duncan launch the theatreWashington Mentoring Program, which I now lead.

I've recently begun creating tabletop role-playing games and interactive fiction and working as a writer on other game projects. You can catching me tweeting about process and thunder thighs @feelingfickleMy work for FY19 is funded in part by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities through the Arts and Humanities Fellowship Program.

I am trans and nonbinary and require everyone to use they/them pronouns when referring to me in conversation and writing (including interviews, professional previews, and reviews).

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